Vtech Innotab 2 Blue Kids Tablet Review


If you haven’t yet picked up the Vtech InnoTab 2 Blue for your kids then hurry up – because it’s sure to be a Christmas best seller.

Essentially this is a child’s version of a smart tablet and the blue version for boys means that sons can ape their gadget-loving dads.

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Kids love the coolness of the InnoTab 2 because it actually performs just like the real thing.
As well as being fun and educational, the tablet actually prepares kids for the technologically-driven future they will inhabit. And all they have to do is play with it.

Vtech Innotab 2 Blue Kids Tablet Review

Vtech Innotab 2 Blue Kids Tablet Review

As it is designed for future grown-ups it is sturdy and created to survive the tantrums and tussles all parents recognise.

But this gadget will keep the little ones quiet for long periods simply because there is so many varied aspects to it.

Vtech Innotab 2 Blue Kids Tablet Touch Screen

The blue Vtech InnoTab 2 has a five inch, LCD touch-screen that works in an identical fashion to dad’s grown-up tablet.

On it, kids can look at photos, watch videos, listen to music through its MP3 player, or read books on its e-reader.

The e-reader is education cleverly masquerading as fun. The stories are interactive and animated.
They will consume a child because of the great audio quality, the vivid graphics as well as the stories themselves.

Unbeknownst to the young users, they will become better at reading and comprehension. They will also enjoy fun with phonics and their vocabulary will grow.

Words can be pressed to reveal exactly how they ought to be pronounced and there is even a dictionary to help children understand the words.

In fact, the educational aspects are so good, it could have been marketed as the “teacher tab.”
And the art-forms available don’t stop with reading.

Vtech Innotab 2 Blue Kids Tablet Review;

Vtech Innotab 2 Blue Kids Tablet Review;

Techno-savvy kids can record themselves through its microphone and the devices also include an art programme to allow the mini-Monets to express themselves.

Creativity is a prime concern on this box-of-tricks and it includes a digital camera that rotates – and a video recorder.

Vtech Innotab2 Blue Hours of Fun

Surely the “blooper” TV show You’ve Been Framed now has a secure future, with budding film directors armed with their Vtech InnoTab 2s.

And while most Christmas presents cease to be of interest by the end of January, the InnoTab 2 will continue to entertain – because there are 200 apps that can be downloaded.

Kids will recognise them because they make references to the best known TV characters.
In fact, the InnoTab2 Blue is so good, parents might become envious of their kids.

And if they are, they can register as users themselves – up to four people can personalise the tab.

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The Vtech Innotab 2 Blue is available to buy for around £85 from many retailers including Amazon, Argos, John lewis and many others.

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